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Wed, Jun 16, 2021 11:58 PM


Lightroom Desktop: People on subset of images

I have photos I recently took, I also have an older archive of images I have been slowly curating in batches.

The problem with the people feature is it works across my complete database of images, and I want to only focus on a specific group of images.

e.g. Just the ones I recently imported, or the ones located in a specific Album.

If I have to work across the complete database, I either have to only focus on People in which case I spend a lot of time working on people in images I may delete, or I do not utilize the feature until I have culled all images from all collections/albums.

The result, the People feature as implemented is fairly useless, even though it does a better job than Classic, as implemented it is unusable. Note: I also checked with a few friends on Lr, they have also come to the same conclusion. People is useless, and they either disable or ignore it until they have caught up on all images.

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