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Wed, Nov 25, 2020 9:09 PM


Lightroom Desktop: Photographer to retoucher file sharing workflow

Is there, or is there going to be a built-in workflow for file sharing from Lightroom between two or more Adobe IDs? As far as I could find out, only JPGs can be downloaded using a browser link for a shared album. A retoucher needs access to original RAW files, and needs to send back xmp files + TIFFs or PSDs. Ideally the most effective workflow would be the ability to share an album inside Lightroom, granting direct access to it to another Adobe ID, and that user could then work on the files just like their own files in Lightroom, add files, and even save history for each file. The original files are already in the cloud, so this should be possible, right? I'm using Wetransfer to collaborate for now, but the file handling is a surprising amount of work.

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1 y ago

Probably someday, yes. There's already an option for someone to be able to view and contribute photos to a shared album, so allowing editing is the next logical step. It's not there yet though.