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Wed, Nov 25, 2020 10:24 AM


Lightroom Desktop: SDK support


I've been told that there is no SDK support for Lr, as there is with LrC.  Can you confirm this is the case, and if so, is there anything planned to get the Lr SDK developed inline with LrC?

I was hoping to use my new Monogram Creative Console ( with Lr, but they need the SDK in order to integrate it properly.

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1 y ago

I can confirm there's no SDK support. As to whether it'll be added in the future, Adobe doesn't usually announce until it's available. I would support the request though.

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1 y ago

+1 — I work with Monogram; Robbie referred me to chime in on the thread here. What's needed to support control surfaces like Creative Console on Lr is a set of APIs that allow developers to get and set values for the development sliders and tools. For example: using a plugin to get the current value for exposure, or to set exposure to, say, +1.33 stops.