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Sun, Aug 4, 2019 11:07 PM

Lightroom Mobile: "Failed to Load"

I've never had issues with Lightroom CC and mobile synch in the past, but my last two batches of photos have had major problems. I import them to my desktop in Lightroom and edit them with no issues. From there, I can download them, turn them into jpegs, email them, etc. However, I cannot view the majority of them in Lightroom Mobile. They appear synched on my desktop as well as on my iphone. But about 80% of the photos show a blank thumbnail with the ! cloud icon. If I click those files and select "get this photo" I get a red ! and a message that simply says "failed to load." No explanation, no hint about what the cause could be. (I take all of my photos in raw - NEF).

This is a major issue for me. I have no idea what is causing it or how to fix it. I use the cloud synch to easily share my edited photos, and I frequently look at the synched photos on my phone while I edit to see how they look on a mobile device vs on a laptop. Not being able to do this seriously harms my ability to process my photos. I am shooting a wedding this coming weekend and I need this fixed ASAP.

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2 y ago

Whenever troubleshooting sync between desktop and mobile apps, realize that the Lightroom Web client is very useful. 

When you go to you can determine if a file has made it from one client to the cloud. If it hasn't, the thumbnail of the errant image will give you a hint as to which client and device is having the issue. 

Since you are starting on the desktop client. Make certain that sync is turned on by clicking the Cloud icon in the upper right. It will also tell you the sync status.  Once sync is on and "Synced and Backed Up" is your status, go to the web client and see if the image shows normally or with an error message.

If you email me your correct Adobe ID, I can take a closer look at your account.