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Mon, Aug 2, 2021 5:15 PM


Lightroom Mobile: Edits Missing

When editing a photo it takes forever for it to save real time. My whole edit I did for over an hour didn’t save what’s so ever and when I went to check if it saved it got deleted nothing saved. And this isn’t the first time. Fix this bug especially when you file share through other devices 

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6 m ago

I am sorry you are having difficulties. 

To commit an edit you need to move from the image you are editing to a new image.  That commits the edit in the event of an abnormal app shutdown, phone restart or other unusual event. It also triggers sync to the cloud. 

It would be helpful for us to diagnose the issue if you can give us step-by-step repeatable steps to reproduce this. If we can get that I can open a bug with the team and get it fixed.