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Sun, Aug 8, 2021 10:38 AM


Lightroom Mobile: Is it possible to import from SD to iOS Lightroom and only copy low res preview and sync up changes only?


when I first import pictures from SD to Lightroom Classic on my Mac, the original full resolution pictures are being copied locally (and this is ok). When I share a collection to my Adobe cloud (so I can edit changes from my iPad and sync back them to my desktop), only a low resolution preview is uploaded and only changes are synced up and this is cool.

Now I would like to import pictures directly from SD to my iPad (I can easily do it with a USB-C adapter) and I would like to:

  • copy from SD to iPad only a low resolution preview of the picture (iPad has a limited storage)
  • sync up changes only
  • add all the pictures to a "catalog" (the same file could be tracked by calculating an hash of the file), without adding the RAW files (only the metadata)

I don't want to:

  • copy the RAWs to my iPad
  • sync up the RAWs to Adobe Cloud (I only have 20GB)

How can I achieve this?

The only alternative at the moment is that I only import a small selection of pictures I intend to publish immediately (ie: before coming back from my trip), free up space once I'm at home and re-import all the pictures from SD to my Mac catalog.




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6 m ago

The short answer is no, the mobile apps are part of the cloud ecosystem that's designed to store originals in the cloud.