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Fri, Dec 25, 2020 7:17 AM


Lightroom Mobile: Manage installed presets

i got an issue with adobe lightroom mobile. 

Actually I have a lot of presets installed and i use xmp formats and they works fine but when it comes to manage or move the presets in a particular folder it's really annoying, inconvenient and  difficult to move them one by one, why can't i move more than one presets at once in my preferred folder so please add an option in your next update where users can select multiple presets to move them at once.


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10 m ago

Colocar opção de editar / alterar nome das pastas de predefinições e incluir busca para essas pastas.

São tantas predefinições, que fica difícil de encontrar

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Put option to edit / change name of preset folders and include search for those folders.

There are so many presets, it’s hard to find

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