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Wed, Dec 16, 2015 9:41 PM

Lightroom mobile: several suggestions

Simple features to add to Lightroom Mobile
- Sync presets to desktop version. Mobile already provides a whole presets tab, but you don't have access to the ones provided by desktop or ones created by the user on desktop.
- Allow creation of custom presets that can be sync'd back to the desktop too.
- change low/med/high options into dials just like nearly every other adjustment in mobile (for example, noise reduction and vignetting). The low/med/high isn't any more efficient, clean, or quick and only makes the interface inconsistent with itself and with the desktop version.
- with that being said, I kind of hate the sliders as implemented because my OCD side wants exposure to be exactly some fraction of a stop, etc, so some form of grid snapping or working in stops would be wonderful (just an option in the lightroom mobile preferences). Every slide could easily have some whole number or a set number of steps that nearly every user wants to work in (temp and tint are other good examples).
- Remove double-tapping to reset on the actual increase/decrease points!! You can not rapidly increase in fixed steps because it always resets. This just causes frustration at the moment you are working smoothly and quickly. Just have double-tap on the button itself to reset, that is more than adequate, very intuitive and consistent with everything else in lightroom (desktop and mobile), and never results in constant mistakingly resetting when you want to move a little more quickly. Moving the slider to be quick isn't an option either because "fine-tuning" takes even longer when I just want "+10" for example.


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