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Sun, Sep 29, 2019 1:44 PM

Lightroom Mobile XMP importing support

I am a Photoshop Lightroom CC  and LR Mobile user and have the following idea referring to Lightroom Mobile for iPad

My objective is to be able to edit my RAW (NEF) photos on my ipad when I am travelling. That is, including the location information. Now my camera does not add location information so I have to add this using a geotagging app. Only one such an app for iPad exists AFAIK. But unfortunately this app (Geotagr) adds the info as a sidecard (XMP) and not as EXIF in the NEF photo. And worse, Lightroom Mobile for Ipad does import the NEF photo, but unfortunately without the XMP sidecard containing the location info. So I end up with a photo in Lightroom without location info. Is reading the location XMP sidecard a function that could be added in a future release?

Regards Evert Kaleveld


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2 y ago

I am hoping Adobe implement the geotagging feature in Lightroom CC & LR Mobile. I am not holding my breath though. I currently use "Geotag Photos Pro 2" as it has a desktop app that writes the GPS coordinates (recorded from my iPhone app) into the metadata - I spoke to them earlier in the year and they said they hoped with iOS13 their app could write the data into the metadata instead of a sidecar...my fingers are crossed for this. Currently my mobile workflow is quire cumbersome, I have a MS Surface Go with a smashed screen (puchased for next to nothing) that I use when away from my desktop to write the metadata, and then import into my iPad Pro.