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Wed, Jun 24, 2020 3:00 AM

Lightroom Web - inconsistencies with mobile application features & web galleries

1 - On the web version - there's a very limited edit setting available - there are no geometry or calibration settings, is it going to be added at some point, to bring it on par with ipad and Android?

2 - for creating web galleries - it is very inconsistent - on the Web version, I cannot customize the album to move pictures around in a custom order for the gallery view (which can be done on the apps) - but only in the Display/web gallery view.

It is also only on web where I can change the background setting (for a plain white background only ) which cannot be done on the iPad or Android app - it uses the cover image as a faded background by default! I also cannot see a web gallery preview, or add breaks/headers on a mobile device.

This means that 2 platforms need to be used to create any web gallery.

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