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Fri, May 6, 2016 10:33 PM


Recent Lightroom iOS update makes sharing more difficult due to added text

I used to be able to share only the photo from LR Mobile. I could share it to a messenger app extension, or just copy it to clipboard and paste it into an app. It was nice and fast.

A recent Update, possibly the v2.3.1 from Today (May 6) has added text to any photo shared from Lightroom. The text says:

[Pic attached here]
Look what I made with Lightroom mobile:

I find this not only obnoxious because I need to erase it each time, but the URL is a link to the App Store. I'm a paying CC customer and this feels like Freemium treatment.

The bigger issue is that this affects my ability to share photos easily. If I copy them to the clipboard, certain apps will just see the text...and the picture will never be pasted. I know this worked in LINE and Hangouts, but it no longer does in 2.3.1 because I'm now pasting both images AND text into the apps.

Support told me to just save the images to the camera roll and share from there, but that's an extra step and extra clutter for me to delete afterwards. I find this frustrating because it happened all-of-a-sudden and wasn't even in the release notes.

I'd love for the option to just share or Copy images out of Lightroom. Please let me get rid of that carbon copy text, especially if I'm a paying member.

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6 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom Mobile: Update includes a ridiculous link to app store for iMessaging.

Every time someone uses LR Mobile to share to iMessaging has to delete this ridiculous app store link...I'll send out lots of photos over iMessaging.. that is just insane from Adobe to not being able to turn this feature on or off. Even tech support sees this a crazy... Big fan of Adobe but who seriously came up with this crap... Are you guys desperate to forcing this type of action onto customers without options??