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Thu, Jan 4, 2018 6:25 AM


Lightroom CC: Chromium support for Web version

Web version disables edit options for Chromium browsers under Linux, though it seems to work perfectly fine with changed user agent or under Firefox. It it's a great disadvantage that after migrating to cloud, I can't access edit features from my Linux machines (which are my only ones).Is there a plan to include Chromium in allowed browsers too?

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4 y ago

Thank you for the tip about changing the user agent.

I am considering canceling my subscription to Adobe CC. I am just going too far to accommodate Adobe products, such as keeping a 30 Gigabytes windows install just for running them. When I see things like this, it amounts to an insult, and infuriates me. Not supporting Chromium is un-justified.

I will try the user agent trick first.

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3 y ago

I just noticed this thread. I have a suspicion that we were detecting Chromium as Chrome and attempting to load our Chrome-specific (PNaCl) version of the editor. We recently updated our code to fall back to the more widely supported WebAssembly version if that can't be loaded.

I'd expect this to work now if the user-agent trick was working.