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Sun, May 23, 2021 11:14 AM

Lightroom Web: Contributing to Albums is complicated

If I want to ask someone to contribute images to an album, I have to:

1) Ask them to create an Account with Adobe ID

2) During login they will have to 2FA their first login on the device

3) They will be asked to enter their phone number

4) They will then be asked to use an adobe login app instead

All that only to get an account - at that point any family member or friend has shrugged their shoulders and aborted the process, and any customer that I try to engage will have their goodwill towards me strained, if not lost and moved on.

If that person luckily has an adobe ID already, the experience doesn't get better al all:

I have to send them an email. Using shared links will only open their albums in view-only mode, even if they have been invited via email first. They have to open their email inbox and click the link for each album, even if they have been logged into their account in the first place. I cannot in good conscience expect someone else to jump trough all those hoops for me. The only reason I see for making the process this arduous is to try and collect marketable accounts for adobe. It's certainly not account security, because that could easily and swiftly be fixed with a password on the album. At this point, it is much easier to have them just email me the pictures, or to send them a dropbox link and perform the upload myself. Very disappointing.

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