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Fri, Mar 19, 2021 5:22 PM

Windows ARM Beta 4 is here!

March 2021 Update


We are excited to announce the fourth Beta release of Photoshop running natively on Windows ARM devices! This early version of Photoshop for ARM offers many of the core Photoshop features that you've come to rely on for your day to day editing needs, and we'll be adding more features in the weeks to come. Note that Beta software is not officially supported yet by Adobe, but we want to hear from you, and this is the place to let us know how it's going.

Before posting questions, read the notes below to familiarize yourself with the known limitations in the build. As we release new builds, we'll update the notes. If you do have a question, please post it as a new topic rather than a reply to the release notes to aid visibility.


  • Surface Pro X with at least 8GB RAM
  • Windows 10 build 19041.488


  • This Adobe Photoshop for ARM BETA will only install and work on ARM hardware that meets the minimum system requirements. If you have qualifying ARM hardware and you do not see the installer under the Beta section in the Creative Cloud Desktop application, check manually for an update (Help > Check for Updates). If it still does not appear, try logging out/back into the Creative Cloud Desktop application.
  • This is not a fully functioning version of Photoshop; it contains several limitations compared to the more widely available version of Photoshop for Windows. Over time, more features will be made available. See the 'Known Issues' section below for more details.


  • As Photoshop migrates away from CEP toward UXP for third party extensions, having the ARM version of Photoshop for your testing is an important reason why we are making this version available to you so soon. Please refer to documentation and support resources here:
  • Our C++ SDK has been updated to include instructions for ARM; resources here:


  • Post issues here.
  • Before reporting issues with this build to our online forum, please be sure to first review the Known Issues section so that duplicate issues are not reported.

Known Issues:

  • This version of Photoshop depends on the Creative Cloud Desktop app (also known as 'CCD'), version 5.3 or later. This version of the CCD app will only install and support 64-bit applications available from Adobe. Older versions of the CCD app (prior to Dec 2020) would have installed 32-bit applications from Adobe, which is not officially supported. Using the Photoshop Beta will not allow you to install 32-bit apps.
  • You will need to install the Microsoft OpenCL and OpenGL Compatibility Pack to take full advantage of OpenCL- and OpenGL-related functions, which is used extensively throughout the application. The installer can be found here: 

  • If you experience immediate crashes after launching Photoshop for Windows ARM, make sure that you install the compatibility package from the Windows Store. Also, make sure you do not have pending Windows updates.
  • Many features are still not available in this version of Photoshop, and some features may experience slow performance. Please refer to the following known issues before submitting feedback.
  • Features added since the last Beta:
    • Camera RAW
    • Adaptive Wide Angle
    • Content Aware Fill
    • Content Aware Scale
    • Content Aware Move
    • Focus Area
    • Photomerge
    • Spot Healing Brush
    • Patch Tool
    • Healing Brush
    • Liquify Filter
    • All CEP-based Panels (generally from 3rd party extensions/plugins)
    • Video timeline and file format support
    • Microsoft Dial support
    • Neural Filter Gallery
    • Shake Reduction
    • OilPaint filter
    • Match Font/Font Similarity
    • Rich Tooltips, Coach marks for Discovery Panel tutorials
    • File Info Panel
    • Layer > Smart Objects > Stack Mode menu item disabled
    • Auto-Blend Layers
    • Some File formats not supported: OBJ, Video formats

  • Features present, but with limitations or bugs:
    • Import from Lightroom Photos via the home screen does not work
    • Cannot launch Bridge from Photoshop
    • All 3D-related functions are limited; either very slow or not fully rendering 3D content; includes 3D printing, 360 panorama editing, normal and bump map filters, Lighting Effects
    • Opening hundreds of files could cause a crash
    • Some "Export As" issues:
      • The scale size setting display is not correct in Export As
      • Crash when selecting 'Export As' with a selected Artboard and Layer in the Layer panel
    • Clicking Save As, the list of file formats does not display correctly
    • Crashes could occur in these situations:
      • Image > Image Size and change width or height; click OK
      • Using Select Subject to select an object on the canvas
    • Drag and drop from Library to canvas does not work
    • The Document Loading progress indicator doesn't match document being loaded
    • Libraries panel contains unlocalized strings


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