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Thu, Jul 23, 2015 9:04 PM


ELEMENTS 13 - No tags came through Organizer update

I updated from Photoshop 7 to Photoshop 13. I imported my pictures from the Windows version of 7 to the Mac version of 13. I asked that the tags come through. No tags came through and now my pictures are not in the order they were. Is there any option to re-tagging all 6000+ pictures and trying to re-group them?



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6 y ago

I am puzzled about:
" I asked that the tags come through."
Do you mean you used the 'Write metadata to files' feature?
The correct way to move pictures and catalogs to another computer or drive is to use the backup/restore process.
Also, the organizer interface has changed a lot going from version 10 to 11. People, Places and Events are now on separate tabs when you update (convert) your catalog to recent versions since version 11.