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Tue, Jan 17, 2012 6:46 PM

Elements Organizer: Cannot edit Keyword Tags and Face Recognition

I am using (Mac version) Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. I am having problems with my Keyword tags and facial recognition.
1. Keyword tag will not let me change the icon - edit icon is grayed out. Suggested fixes from Forum did not work.
2. Keyword tags are not picked up by facial recognition. Keyword tag exists for the person, but photo recognition does not offer that name for selection even after part of the name is typed in.
3. Box for facial recognition cannot be moved even if it isn't centered on the person's face.


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10 y ago

1. Is this true for all Keyword Tags, Categories, and Sub-Categories? Might be corruption in the database. Try creating a new catalog, add some keywords, and try to edit them as a test.

2. Please look at this post:

3. This would be a feature request, as the boxes are not movable, as designed. Only those that you create can be moved, and only at the time of creation. If you don't like the position, you have delete the existing rectangle and create your own.