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Fri, Apr 13, 2012 12:08 AM


Help with backing up Elements Catalog Catagory/Keyword Information

Due to a recent computer virus we are going to have to wipeout our machine and reinstall everything, including an upgraded operating system. Before doing so, I would like to make sure all my photo files as well as Photoshop Elements Catalog Keywork Tag information is backed up. Where on my computer is that information stored? Is it actually in a separate folder somewhere or is the information imbedded on the photo file itself? I currently have Photoshop Elements 8 installed but have purchased Elements 10 to install for our restart. I would feel awful if all my picture keyword catagories got permanently erased. Please help!

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10 y ago

Use PSE8's Organizer to make a full backup of your catalog to an external drive. (This will also back up all your media files, so be sure you have enough free space.)

Once you're up and running, use PSE10 to restore your catalog from that backup. You will be able to specify the location for the incoming media files.