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Tue, Apr 2, 2019 3:25 PM

I have a Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 DVD and cant find the serial number.

I have the dvd for Elements 9 and would like to install it on my new computer. Cant find the serial number. There is a UPC code on the dvd with a 9 digit code. That number does not seem to work. What can I do? thanks


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3 y ago

If you registered the program, you should be able to find the serial number by signing in to your account.

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3 y ago


If you have never installed this version, you won't have a record of its serial number by signing onto Adobe to get its registered key.  On the other hand, if you did install and register, it should have a key on record.   

Most of the following assumes you bought it somewhere. 

Look on the back of the disc envelope for the key sticker.  If not there, look for it on the back of the product case.  It's odd that no key was provided.  Could be, the key label if pasted onto the back of the case was pealed off if someone already used it. 

Also, if this version came with a scanner or printer, it could be a trial version which doesn't need a key, but trials will need a key if you decide to keep and buy.  In this case, install it then look for a menu item (on the help menu) that tells how to buy it or provides instructions of how to get its key. 

If it still says to find it on the product, and if the product doesn't have it, then take the product back to the store to swap it out for another disc, especially one that has a key.    

IF you downloaded this product to install, the download should have emailed the key.   Check your email for a key.   

It's an older version, so it's unlikely that it was sold to you recently whether online or from a store.  

If it is an older product you once installed and want to install it again, it has a key recorded on Adobe's registry, but only if you registered the product after the install.  But again if you don't register the product, the key should still be on the product or inside on the disc envelope.   

Steve Lehman, mcse