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Wed, Jul 31, 2019 8:11 PM

Moving PSE 17 (2019) from Windows to Mac

This is my first time using the forum. I have been using Adobe Photoshop Elements since 2003 (PSE v2.0) and am on the latest 17.0 (2019). Up to now I have done everything on MS Windows 10 Pro but now I have moved everything to a MacBook Air (v,10,14,2) laptop. My catalog has well over 43,000 items in it, mostly JPG photos and some videos. After making the move and working with the catalog for a while I noticed some disturbing issues.

1.       Nearly 3000 of the items took on the date that I restored the backup onto the MAC.

2.       About half of them were videos which ended up being all the videos in the catalog.

3.       In the JPG photos it appears that these particular photos do not have date information in the “Camera Data (EXIF)” portion of the metadata.

·         In the absence of dates in the metadata I would have expected the restore to set the date based on the earliest file date. Or to flag them and ask what I want to do.

·         Is there was a utility to update the dates based on what is found in the backup.

·         It seems my only option (although very undesirable) is to manually go through all 3000 items and set the date/time. Fortunately, I can still reference the last MS Windows version of the catalog even though it is now very much out of date with the MAC catalog.

4.       The other issue I have observed is that when I display the contents of a file directory, using the left-hand Folders panel, there are some directories that have photos in them but say there is nothing to display. In the photo well, the information for these photos show them in the selected directory. FINDER shows that the files are there but selecting the directory in the side panel shows nothing.

·         I verified that I did not have any filters active and that all item types were selected to view.

·         I tried using the PSE “move” to move an existing file into one of the directories. It was moved according to PSE info and it was in the directory according to FINDER but still not visible when selecting the directory in the left-hand Folders panel.

·         Since 15 out of 17 sub folders in one directory do not show files I used right click on the main directory of this group and selected “import media”. It scanned the 1400+ items it found and said they were all already in the catalog. Still they do not show when selecting the directory in the left-hand Folders panel.

·         I moved some pictures in to each of the directories (pictures that were not in the catalog) and re-did the “import media”. The new files were found and when I selected the various directories, only the new file show still not any of the existing files in the same directories. The new files and all of the old files all are type “.jpg”.

I have been using Adobe PSE since 2003 and I’m beginning to think that the implementation of PSE on the MAC is not quite up to the standard that I am used to from Adobe.

An observation: I have worked with computers since the early 1970s and if I do a backup and then a restore, the resultant copy will be exactly the same as the original. Adobe does not seem to have taken care that this is the result.

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