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Wed, Aug 3, 2011 7:29 PM



Photoshop Elements: Cannot see brush cursor on dark backgrounds

I have a problem where I cannot see my brush curser on dark colors,

Running windows 7....Elements v.9 with 9.03 update.

1.I have uninstalled and reinstalled
2.set my text size in control panel to 100%
3.deleted preferences in elements

The problem still exists, I can press the caps lock and the cross hairs transitions from black to white depending on what area of the photo I am on, then I can press the caps lock to change back to circle curser once again, the minute I select another tool or different brush I loose the black to white curser transition.

I shouldn't have to press the caps lock key everytime I want to see my brush curser.

Are there any users that have the same problem and have found a fix for this.
More details on bug in adobe forums



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10 y ago

Thank you for pointing this out. I've logged the bug with our engineers. I see that this behavior is independent of OS (it happens on Mac also). This behavior does not happen in Photoshop CS5.