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Tue, Sep 20, 2011 4:33 PM


Photoshop Elements for Mac: lack of local (offline) export-functions, windows-versions have it.

PS Elements (9) for Mac: I want to have the ability to export photos in a desired (user selectable) resolution to any local resource. Goal is to have the photos available for external gadgets like photoframes or other software.
The window-version has this functionality since PSE 7 I think so. Mac-users are lacking this function, still with release 10 - why? It does not sound difficult to me.

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10 y ago

I assume you are asking for the File>Export function that is available in the Elements Organizer on Windows but not Mac. This feature, like many of those lacking on the Mac, relies on Windows functions that the Mac does not provide.

However, there isn't anything in this dialog that can't be done even elsewhere. Have you looked at the Process Multiple Files function in the Editor? It gives you many of the same options, along with some extras. It main difference from the Export function in Organizer is that it processes a folder full of images at a time, rather than a selection of files in the Organizer.