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Tue, Sep 13, 2011 4:39 PM

Photoshop Elements Organizer menus are not displayed

In the Elements 9 organizer screen, the file, edit,find, view etc. are not displayed. I'm trying to reconnect missing files. Any suggestions.

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Why is the menu missing from Photoshop Elements Organizer?

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10 y ago

This should help:

" If you set your Windows display to have a text size larger than 100%, PSE will exhibit some glitches in its user interface. (On XP and Vista, the text size is called “DPI” – dots per inch – and 96 DPI is equivalent to 100% in Windows 7.) Many newer, high-resolution displays and laptop screens are set to a larger text size to make text in applications more readable.

The glitches and workarounds include:

- The Organizer’s menu bar (File, Edit, etc.) won’t show up. You can either set the Windows text size back to 100% (96 DPI), or you can set the Organizer option Edit > Preferences > General > Use System Font. With the latter, the results aren’t always the prettiest, e.g. the font in the Editor’s menu bar stays small, but the font in the dropdown menus gets large. But this workaround at least lets you keep the text size large so that you can read the text in all your other applications.

- The Advanced Dialog in the Photo Downloader won’t be available in PSE 8. (That also occurs on short displays.) You’ll need to reduce the Windows text size to something less – how much depends on the resolution of your display.

- The Editor on Windows 7 can show a mouse cursor for some tools that looks like three distorted shadows of the true cursor. You’ll need to reduce the Windows text size to less than 150% (149% works fine).

To change the Windows text size/DPI of your display:

XP: Start > Control Panel > Display or Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display. Click Settings > Advanced.

Vista: Windows Start > Control Panel > Personalization > Adjust Font Size (DPI).

Windows 7: Start > Control Panel > Display. To choose a custom size, click Set Custom Text Size (DPI) on the left."

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10 y ago

Please ensure that your system is set to 96 dpi or less. Follow the following Adobe technote for more info :