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Mon, Jun 27, 2011 5:30 PM


Photoshop Elements: Organizer needs to be able to copy files from other drives (e.g. a network drive)

In Photoshop Elements 9 Organizer, the File-Get Photos and Videos-From Files and Folders method does not permit copying images from their source location to the destination location (hard drive) that the application uses to store the images.

Why copy instead of just linking the Catalog thumbnail to the source? When a network drive has the file, and that drive may not always be available, the file cannot be accessed.

Simply enabling the "Copy Files on Import" option would solve this completely.

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10 y ago

Seeing the same issue in Photoshop Elements 10. I have a bunch of old photos on removable drives - and a humungous 1.5TB drive in my new computer. I'd like to just be able to click the greyed out "Copy Files on Import" box when using the "Get ... from files and folders" and have all the files pulled into Organizer.