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Sat, Oct 29, 2011 11:12 PM


Photoshop Elements: Slow performance with Organizer displaying/deleting photo

PSE 9.0 Mac takes 30 seconds (exactly) to delete a photo from the catalog and disk. Did catalog repair and optimize. Uninstalled and reinstalled -- all to no avail. Thoughts? It's a brand new Mac that came with OS X Lion. Other slow behaviors include lengthy time to switch display views from thumbnail to folder location and after opening it takes a long time before thumbnails appear (just a grey empty area until then).

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10 y ago

Could you try creating a new catalog, import a couple files and then try the same workflows to see if the behavior is specific to your current catalog?

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10 y ago

I have the same issue. In terms of speed, the performance of my system (Vista 64-bit, Core2 Quad 2.83 GHz, RAM 4 GB at 800 MHz, 250 GB free on primary 1TB HD, 750+ GB free on 1 TB on backup HD used as scratch disk in the editor, GT430 graphics card w/ 1 GB DDR3) with Elements 10 is terrible: deleting a file in the Organizer takes 2.5 min per image! I currently have some 50,000 images and the problem is specific to that catalog since deleting an image in a catalog with only few images is comparatively fast (10-15 sec), although still ridiculously long compared to, for example, Picasa, where it is instant. Advice? Media-analysis is already fully turned off.