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Photoshop Elements: What do page size names mean? How to zoom with mouse wheel?

Until recently I was using Adobe Photoshop Elements 4. Then I got a new computer and it won't work on my new computer. So I started using Adobe Elements Photoshop 8. MY GOD!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH IT??? Elements 4 was so straight-forward and easy to use. Elements 8 is so VERY confusing. Examples: In Elements 4 I could increase or decrease the size of the photo by just scrolling the mouse wheel up or down. Not so in 8. And what is it with all of these paper sizes that are identified with some kind of code??? Just what is DMSIZE_POST_DBL anyway??? Why aren't these different sizes identified in plain old English??? is this supposed to be some guessing game? How do I know what CODE means what? Am I supposed to figure it out by Trial & Error? You guys really out-did yourselves to ruin a wonderful program and make it impossible to understand.
Can you please let me know how to interpret all of those cryptic codes for paper sizes.
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Thank you.
Tony Russo

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When you use the scroll wheel, you are not increasing and decreasing the size of the image, you are zooming in and out. To enable this same feature in Photoshop Elements 8, go to Edit>Preferences>General - Options and check Zoom with Scroll Wheel.

The list of available paper sizes has nothing to do with Photoshop Elements. This list is generated by your printer driver. Not all paper sizes will work in all printers, so it is up to your printer to supply applications such as Photoshop Elements with list of available sizes. If you switch from one printer to another, you will see a different list of available paper sizes. If you do not know what a page size refers to, contact your printer manufacturer for more information.



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Hello, tony On the non-Elements Photoshop, you just need to ALT+scrollwheel to zoom in/out of the image, as a scroll wheel is supposed to scroll. As Brett outlined it, the preferences allow you to invert that behavior.

'DMSIZE_POST_DBL' seems to be an envelope size.