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Fri, Oct 9, 2020 8:53 PM

PSE 2021 and ACR 12.4

I have the Canon R6. I'm running PSE 2020. It does not support CR3 files (which uses ACR 12.4), so I have to convert them to DNG and then edit them. This takes up more storage space, and is another step in my workflow.


I got the trial for PSE 2021, but the latest RAW version is 12.3.


Are there plans to have PSE 2021 work with RAW 12.4? Not all of us need the full Photoshop product (and monthly cost)


Thank you.

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1 y ago

Hi Andre, 


Yes, our engineering team already working on this. In the meanwhile, I would recommend you to use the latest version of DNG Converter to convert your CR3 files into DNG format and use it with any version of Photoshop Elements.


Download DNG Converter:






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1 y ago

There is a workaround to add ACR 12.4 to Elements 2021.  See my post on the Adobe Community forum here.