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Tue, Jul 28, 2015 11:59 PM


PS EPXRESS - Frames, borders, bevels etc overlap image rather than apply to the outside of the image on which they are placed

Who wrote this bit of the App? In the iOS app the option for frames; the frames, borders, matte, bevel etc that are applied, are applied over the image not the outside of the image. How does that make sense if I prep an image and crop it how I want it and then a frame overlaps my image? I think this qualifies as a bug wouldn't you agree?

Are you going to say something about keeping the image size the same or something else a bit on the daft side like that. If so explain the issue to the user ahead of time, not run them up this blind ally. Have them select their frame and then do their editing within. or preferably, if necessary, explain you have to make the image slightly smaller to have the frame on the outside.

For this reason as a product tester I could not recommend this pack for my journalists to write about. Placing a rebate or frame over an image that may have taken patience and time to create despite the ease and speed of use of Photoshop Express is not what I expect of Adobe. I would have been inclined to investigate your latest offering otherwise but now I can't see the point in it as it offer not enough more for a great deal bigger price. If this is something to write about later I will be happy to give you plenty of space and examples of what Photoshop express can do on my Pinterest account. I will even run a commentary under each image.
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