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Thu, Apr 29, 2021 9:29 AM


Apple pencil gets crazy with photoshop

Hi everybody,

I have a strange problem with photoshop and/or my apple pencil and/or my ipad pro 2 (2020).

All features work fine except rare crashes which won't be the topic here, but quite regularly my apple pencil gets crazy.
Basically I would draw a simple line with a normal brush and suddenly the pencil will draw straight lines (most often one, sometimes 2, perpendiculary) starting from the place where I'm drawing to another place of the screen, and also a series of small dots. When I want to undo the mistake it takes a lot of undos, not just one but rather 10 or 15 to come back to normal. And the problem will repeat itself soon enough.

I uninstalled photoshop twice and reinstalled it. First it seems to be better but the problem comes back quickly and is very very irritating.

Now I wonder if the problem comes from :
- the apple pencil
- the ipad

- photoshop

Did anyone here had the same issue and know how to fix it? 

Thank you for your help !

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