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Wed, Jul 21, 2021 5:25 PM


Can't link my onedrive account to Adobe Acrobat Reader Mobile

I was cleaning up my tablet (wiped clean and installed all apps again). After setting up my accounts i got an error message when trying to link my onedrive account within the app. As I was playing around with a custom rom i had to figure out if it was a problem with the rom/app compatibility or if it was an error within the app. For that reason i cleared the cache of the app on my smartphone (not the tablet), deleted the app, revoked the app permissions on the microsoft site, and reinstalled the app on my smartphone. Everything seems to work neatly right to the point where onedrive asks for persmission. I accept and receive a notification email from microsoft saying that the app has been granted access. But right after that

i receive the same error message on my smartphone. Before that my onedrive was fine and running from within the app. Now it doesn't anymore. I tried an earlier version but the error still occurs. The onedrive app works perfectly.

I posted part of my issue on the playstore comments for the app. One of the developers pointed toward this feedback site. I hope someone can help me as my pool of ideas is dried up.

I'll attach a screenshot of the error (in german) which was made on my phone. Maybe it's a specific problem that's already known.

Thanks in advance and greetz


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