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Thu, Jun 17, 2021 8:22 PM


Challenge to Developers: Death to the idea of a "mobile" version.

With the announcement of the new iPadOS and MacOS at WWDC this year, I'd challenge developers at Adobe to bridge the gap between the mobile and desktop software space. Especially with the increased availability of storage amongst new iPad models, there seems be little reason to keep around a mobile version that limits capability in order to ensure a seamless experience when working strictly off the cloud; and with the introduction of handover type use, it just makes sense.

As a professional artist, I have an incredibly powerful tool in my hand that is still limited by the Adobe software I need to do my job. It is a display that puts all but 10,000 dollar desktop displays to shame, it has the processing power just shy of my custom built desktop, it has the best stylus/pen technology that I'd argue the creative industry has ever seen. Let's catch up.

If it comes down to cost, it's not like most of us have a real option to use anything other than adobe anyways, so I'm sure you could justify a raise in price; but if adobe doesn't then someone else will and the industry may be enticed to pull away from the adobe creative ecosystem in favour of whoever beats you to the punch.

Anyways, cheers! 

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