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Fri, Jun 4, 2021 2:22 PM


Photoshop & Lightroom for iPadOS

     I would like to request that you allow photographers to directly import photos to an iPad Pro, and be able to store and edit said photos locally on the iPad Pro, or a connected external SSD. This would be so much nicer than having to upload all of the photos to the cloud.

     The reason being is because not all photographers have high-speed Internet available to them, and having to wait for photos to upload to the cloud in order to make any edits, and then have to re-download them really cuts down on productivity. Also, some photographers may want to take their most versatile device, their iPad Pro, on location to places that don’t have Internet access like many National Parks. To not be able to edit photos locally on your device without Internet is very inconvenient. You can always carry an external SSD with you, but you can’t always have Internet. Thank you!!!

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