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Sun, May 10, 2020 4:52 AM

Photoshop Mobile too limited to be useful?

 I use photoshop almost every day and have been delighted with it forever in spite of it's huge/hard to find list of features.  I was awaiting with the same delight for what was touted as a full version of Photoshop on the iPad.  I was disappointed since most of my initial attempts at using it failed completely. Here is what I was trying to do:
  1. Print in exact size (base on dpi and image size)
  2. Have Photoshop as a phto extension to edit a photo (see this Apple article if you do not know what a photo extension is:
  3. Make camera raw adjustments
  4. Resize an image
  5. Finding if a feature exist or not in the iOS version

These are rather simple use cases which I use so frequently in my photography workflow that missing them in Photoshop on the iPad makes it currently more a learning tool rather than a tool for production work.  I would like to encourage Adobe to fix those basic requirements before spending time adding other complex functionality.  I could come up with a longer list of simple missing functionality in Photoshop on iOS but I was wondering if people can comment here with their experience.  Doing so would be useful to get traction with Adobe to do something about it. Let's face it, Photoshop is great but not free so we are justified in having simple (if not high) expectations of the product.  I do not believe a desktop is required to offer all those missing basic features and having them would make quick workflows possible on the iPad while on the go.  I am also at a loss why the de facto photo editing app on the planet does not have the ability to offer itself as an options to edit a photograph while browsing in the iOS Photo app? (use case #2) When you have only 10 picture it does not matter whether you need to rebrowse all your pics in the Import and open dialog but when you have 22,000 like I do it is totally impractical. This is why the photo extension support was added in iOS and Adobe should make their flagship app work on that platform using the customary APIs made available to the apps.



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1 y ago

Photoshop for iPad is a work in progress. Adobe knows that a lot of functionality is still missing and new features are added frequently. It’s not that they think they are ready and need us to tell them they are not, but getting it up to the level of the 20 years old Photoshop desktop takes time.