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Wed, Jun 16, 2021 9:52 AM


Transparency/alpha lock

I’m a freelance illustrator and I’ve just upgraded my iPad to be able to accommodate my summer projects while I’m traveling. I usually use procreate but with the more powerful iPad, I decided to finally switch to photoshop. For all my books and final project I always use photoshop on my desktop and was excited to take my mobile work to the next level. I got eyeballs deep into a project and realized there’s no alpha lock! Clipping masks and transparency lock are really important to my workflow and I can’t create a clipping mask without creating a clipping adjustment layer. Any idea when alpha lock and just converting a layer into a clipping mask will be an option? In the mean time I have to go back to procreate and photoshop brushes in procreate don’t have nearly the same quality as ps. I feel like I upgraded for nothing! Back to square one :( 

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