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Mon, Jun 16, 2014 6:32 AM


3d scene position - 3d camera position - pivot point


Since the 3D scene position dispappeared in Photoshop CC, it is not possible anymore to turn around an object with the camera in a way that the object stays in the middle. The pivot point is not correct or cannot be adapted. A lot of bugs are appearing. Only 3D camera position is exisiting but you can not manipulate it in a way on the time key frame so that the object stays well centered. Instead it is floating from one side to another when turning around the object.... When will this bug get fixed...this problem has been mentioned by tons of users yet when you google it, but untill now no solution.

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7 y ago

3d Scene Position in video animation timeline - missing in 2014.2.1 (CC 2014 up-to-date) ... I have tried all the posted work arounds; using 3D Meshes but the movement from center problem is there ... the answer provided in other posts about this being moved to the Scene group is entirely unhelpful. the 3D Camera post saying it was just renamed is not correct this does not rotate the object. What is the answer or the problem?