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Thu, Jan 4, 2018 11:57 PM


add a star (mandala) option to the new symmetry paint tool in photoshop

Dear Photoshop software engineers,
First let me say thank you for adding the symmetry tool in the latest update.  This has been sorely missing from an otherwise robust toolkit and I could not be happier to see its addition.  Previously only corel painter had this feature and I just don't like the way painters interface works, because the keyboard shortcuts are all different and macs native touchpad gestures/ features don't work.   Im a photoshop man.   I am mostly a geometry artist and while the new symmetry tool adds some very needed options....I would really LOVE to see an option to paint in a star or mandala pattern.  Please give us the option to adjust the number of sides from 3 up to at least 16-20 if possible.  being able to paint in vertical and horizontal symmetry at the same time with the same brush stoke is still not possible.  I will cherish the day that this gets updated and I can finally been to work in mandalas again inside of photoshop.    

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4 y ago

I think this feature is implemented but hidden.

This feature is still experimental... so maybe in future this will be added in more discoverable way.