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Mon, May 17, 2021 3:13 PM


Apple Silicon native support for CEP plug-ins


I'm a CEP plug-in developer and I want my plug-ins to run natively in Adobe Photoshop (>= 22.x) without starting the app with Rosetta 2.

Do I have to convert my plug-in to UXP in order to run natively on Apple Silicon?

On this side adobe.io/photoshop/uxp/   there's an important note saying:  

Over time these earlier technologies [CEP] will be deprecated and then removed from Photoshop, but there is no need to rush to convert your existing plugins to UXP.

There's also written, that CEP-based plug-ins are missing in THIS VERSION, not from now on. For InDesign 16.3 a new CEP version 11.1 will come to run CEP plug-ins natively on Apple Silicon. Will this new CEP version also run in Adobe Photoshop?

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