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Sat, Jan 23, 2021 5:02 PM

Backup of media files with Elements 2020


Would like to backup my media files along with my Catalog Backup.

What I want to do is restore the media during the restore to have a consolidated photo file set.

Is there a way / best way to do this?


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9 m ago

Use the menu File >> Backup of the Organizer.


The backup process of the organizer backups both your catalog folder and and your photo files and the restore process is able to restore it where you want while keeping the connection with the new file locations, even on another disk, partition or master folder.

Note that PSE2021 has added another 'catalog structure' backup which does not backup your pictures, but which is much faster. You can do the same yourself by copying the catalog folder (location: menu Help >> System info).

Saving the catalog and pictures separately from any other backup software will not enable you to keep the connection to the new location. You'll have to reconnect manually, which is much harder than doing the same operation in Lightroom.