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Best Unique Basic Tips for Taking Good Product Photographs?

Product photographs play an important role in the field of advertising. advertising understood as to how to provide a product and generate in the viewer the desire to buy it.

When we talk about product photography, we can include any product: food, jewelry, beverages, clothing. , Accessories, medicines, etc. 

eCommerce Product photos should mainly represent the subject from an aesthetic perspective, but should also represent the subject from a realistic perspective. Not all product photos are the same. Depending on the product, there are certain types of product photography and related images.

The quality of the photograph will depend upon the belief of that item and, therefore, its acceptance in the market.

Model action with Product

It can make sense to present product photos in such a way that customers can imagine how a product works, looks dressed or what size it is “in real life”. Think of hands with a digital tablet or full-body photos of models on bicycles.


Clothing and textiles Product

Clothes can either be laid flat, dressed as so-called laid clothes, or dolls and models. Sometimes photographers retouching the Invisible man (transparent doll), sometimes you can see the model.


After preparing the background and therefore the environment to be photographed, you need to properly prepare the lighting. The more natural the lighting, the better. 

Although you may need something to blur the light, it is important for product photography to have a lot of light and be very diffuse. If you choose the above white background, we can achieve it in many ways.



if the size of the object allows, use a softbox if the object is larger, use a background made of paper, foam, fabric. I suggest you check it out and we will show you how to get a completely white background. If you lack natural light or just want to change to a lighting point, you can use light bulbs or turn signals. After shoots you need to outsource clipping path service or eCommerce photo editing service for làrge volume.

In this case, try to use leaves, paper, umbrellas, or more professional accessories to fully blur or brighten the highlights. You will find interesting kits for continuous lighting and studio flashes. As you can imagine, to "tune" all these accessories, you have to run various tests. However, I guarantee that if you use each accessory correctly, you will get fantastic lighting.


Best Color Product

For Product photographs, color theory is the key to attracting the right customers. This is the study of how color affects human psychology. Usually, this means that certain colors or color combinations reflect certain ideas, emotions, or characteristics in the research. Learning color theory and understanding color theory can contribute to a great career as a photographer. You can use it to influence how viewers react to photos. In product photography, color can help sales or attract buyers.


Edit your photos

Editors can turn a good photo into a better photo, but they cannot invent it. Therefore, it is imperative to get a good picture from the moment the picture is taken, and there is no guarantee that the post-processing can solve the problem. Use your favorite style tool to add shine. Backlight and contrast adjustment. In most cases, a white background photo can be obtained without cutting the product. Before and after photo editing in Photolixa, we offer many advantages. If you really value your e-commerce business, I suggest you invest in this site. I hope you will never be disappointed. And send couple of image to for free trial absolutely free.


Quality Goals

Product photography requires professional results, and this requires a good lens, which must be of sufficient quality to make the results worthwhile. Therefore, we are looking for high-quality zoom lenses, or better and cheaper fixed focal lengths, that provide excellent features with the best quality/price ratio.

Clean and ready product

Before pulling the trigger, it is very convenient to clean the product so that it looks free of dirt or dust. Why not use a camera lens? You may also need to place some components or parts. Products, please change their position in front of the camera, or even decorate them in some way to achieve good results. Therefore, don't forget to make all preparations. It is recommended that you organize the content before recording, instead of processing the miracle on the retouching application later, to eliminate the imperfections that could be avoided in the previous step.


Get inspired

To take unforgettable photos to showcase your product and its history, you need to improve yourself, read books, magazines, catalogs, visit exhibitions and immerse yourself in today's photo culture. Visual culture is part of us. As you gaze at life, look at products and composition, your vision will convey visual culture. This does not mean that your photos will be better with more visual culture, but when this happens, it is difficult to get high-quality photos without visual culture. Viewing photos of outstanding photographers, visiting exhibitions, or browsing photo catalogs will enhance your visual culture. The trained eyes are formed naturally and intuitively.



If you are inspired and have a basic understanding of Product photographs, and know what you want to achieve, please don’t stop practicing when possible. Practice can provide experience. Over time, your product photography will have Improved. Only by practicing will you be able to know what you are good at and what you should improve at.

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