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Fri, Aug 20, 2021 1:57 AM


Bring back JPEG quality percentage to Export As dialog

I updated to Photoshop version 22.5.0 and just noticed that File > Export > Export As has a majorly dumbed down JPEG quality menu. Photoshop is for professionals. Having accurate control over quality is import for optimizing to a small file size. Giving a few choices (and not even telling us what quality they are) is not acceptable for a pro app. I know for now I can go into prefs and use the legacy version, but please bring back the quality percentage!

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5 m ago

Couple of issues.

You've removed the percentage slider and replaced it with 7 options that somebody thinks are more 'human readable'.

Seems more complex now [Excellent is less than Great???] and without the percentage slider and exported size you're giving me extra work as we need to deliver files under a specific size. 

Most exports we do use between 50 and 60%. Size optimization comes in this small band. If we have to drop below 60% we know image suffers - so try to drop in single percentage increments.  

Please give us back the slider.

(On another note. Two very large artboards just caused the Exports As... function to crash. I have reverted to 22.4 and turned off auto-update.)

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5 m ago

what i can't understand is why they didn't just borrow from Save for Web and include both a dropdown and number slider?