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Wed, Jun 24, 2015 2:23 AM


Can I increase the file size of an image shot on raw to print on a billboard and how do I know if the size I have is big enough?

I have an image which I shot on raw but it needs to be printed in billboard size. I originally worked on it at 300 dpi. I have now resized it to 1200 dpi - hoping to make it larger. And it now has a width of 11,135 (23.5 cm) pixels by height 7,394 (15.65 cm) pixels –– and is 235.6M –– is this big enough for a billboard print –– it seems small? Also the 23.5 cm x 15.65 cm seems too small for a billboard? How do I use this information to identify if it is big enough –– and if it isn't can I make it high res and big enough for a billboard print? I also saved it as a tiff - which shows up as a 1.88G but I don't think it's made the overall size and resolution any larger - again I'm not sure what this means in relation to very large prints. Thanks!
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