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Fri, Nov 27, 2020 9:50 PM


Center Playhead on Timeline During Playback

Please create a settings preference to keep timeline playhead in the center of the screen during playback.
Currently when you playback the animation by pressing space bar the playhead begins at the left (as it should) & scrolls all the way to the right (the end of the window). Meaning, when you press play the playhead scrolls to the end of the window making it impossible to see the keyframes that are to come.

The playhead should only scroll to the center of the timeline & once it reaches the center the timeline should move to reveal more keyframes while the playhead is static in the center.

Currently the playhead reaches the end of the timeline window then the timeline starts moving but this is counter intuitive & results in extra manual scrubbing to get the playhead back to the center once you need to make edits. If the playhead starts at the left and stops in the center you could see timeline keyframes that are before & after the playhead at the same time during playback. This will reduce unnecessary scrubbing of the playhead in order to constantly center it on the screen

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