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Tue, Dec 5, 2017 2:59 PM

Copy -> Paste image at last place you clicked

(Just like Nuke)



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Could be rather convenient, but then we'd need to have a registration point associated with the thing we're pasting. If the thing were comprised of several objects, would you really be able to set the point with any sort of precision, assuming it always used the center? Would it be necessary to be able to use the upper left point of the bounding box, or the bottom middle, etc? Would you still have to reposition it to get it where you wanted? You haven't described very much of what you want for those of us who don't use Nuke, or why it would make our lives a lot easier, worth Adobe's resources—so it will be difficult to vote for your idea.

I'd probably want copy — click — paste. I wouldn't want the last place I clicked before I copied to be clicking on an object in the document to target it for copying. That's Paste In Place.<G>