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Sat, Dec 8, 2012 2:13 PM


CS6 saving file in action fails to embed profile

I recorded an action. Here's the saved action in text format:

Action: Save3
Flatten Image
Split Channels
Merge Channels document Ò1.psd_GreenÓ, document Ò1.psd_BlueÓ, document Ò1.psd_RedÓ
Mode: RGB color
Byte Order: IBM PC
Compression: ZIP
In: n:t:GBR.tif
With Lower Case

1.psd is a 16-bit RGB image with a ProPhoto RBG profile.

When recording the action, I selected File > Save As and checked
the "Embed Color Profile: ProPhoto RGB" box. The created GBR.tif
file had a ProPhoto RGB profile embedded.

I trashed GBR.tif and played the Save3 action. It seemed to run,
but no GBR.tif (or any other file) was created.

I played the Save3 action a second time. GBR.tif was created,
but had no embedded profile.

On all subsequent tries, it was the same: GBR.tif was created,
but had no embedded profile.

Photoshop: 13.0.1
Mac OS X: 10.7.5
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