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Mon, Jan 6, 2014 10:45 PM


Ctrl-Alt-Z sends you back to previous layer :/ really inconvenient!!

I'm having a terrible problem whereby when I press ctrl-alt-z to step back (ie. undo) it simultaneously moves me back to the previous layer I was working on. This means that when I go to another layer, make a few brush strokes, decide to undo them and then try again I find that actually, now that I've finally got it right and continued with the painting for a good ten minutes and done a load of new work, it's all on completely the wrong layer and I have to start from my last save because my computer can't hold that many undo states. It's a massive problem and I know that many other people who work similarly to me have exactly the same issue and no way around it other than to do a load of brush strokes off the canvas before starting work on each layer just to make sure they aren't taken back to the wrong layer when they need to undo. Please could you at least make it an option to stop it from doing this? Ctrl-Z may not do this but it's rendered useless by the fact that it only undoes one state and doesn't even save it in the undo history!
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