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Fri, Nov 6, 2020 11:11 AM


Custom shape window library synchronized in pixel mode

Hi there ,

As you may know ,many illustrator and concept artist use photoshop as a main painting ,drawing app .

The custom shape tool in pixel mode is greatly used among concept artist

Since some recent versions of photoshop ,we can drag and drop a shape directly from the shapes window  on the canvas which is cool


the shape we drag from the window remains in "shape mode " vector mode ,whatever you call it .

when we use the custom shape tool " shortcut "U " set in pixel mode ,it would be awesome if it could be synchronized when we choose a shape in the shape window ..like that you just choose your shape like you would choose a brush ,because  doing right click to open the custom shape window is kinda slow when you have a lot of shapes and you have to do right click every time you want to change.

So basically ,when you click on a thumbnails in pixels it changes the shape ,doesn't matter in what mode you are  and when you drag on the canvas it's in vector ..that would be great ! thank you

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