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Thu, Nov 12, 2015 9:56 AM


Elements: Organizer crashes on new MacBookPro- what are the solutions?

I am very frustrated. I have been working for 5 days to import all (50.000) my pictures into a new catalog on an external drive, made tags and cleaned up. Then last saterday Organizer unexpectedly stopped. I could not repair the catalog, so I opened the Backup but this one - while restoring - also crashed. I had to get back to an older Backup on my old MAcBook (which is so much slower), so I lost 5 days of work..

1. It is really clear that Photoshop is not working well on my new MacBookPro. Are there any instructions for setup that can solve the problem with continuous unexpected stops of the program? Even when not using the program it stops ... It happens when:
- copying or importing lots of pictures
- deleting lots of pictures
- but als when using other programs and without a reason Organizer stops ..
I have to use a hub for the external drives so maybe that can cause trouble as well.
But without it also happens but not so often.

2. The pictures are still on my external drive. This is the good part. However when reimporting today in my catalog I found out that a part of the pictures gets the shooting-date of today in organizer .. 80% of the pictures go well, but the other part gets this wrong shooting-date. What is happening here? I do not want to set the date manually of all his pictures..

I have to say that I am thinking of stop this whole Photoshop project... so I really need some help ..

(I did a lot of preparations before starting the transfer of the pictures - see also:
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