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Thu, Feb 27, 2020 3:38 PM

Feature request: Color settings should be embedded in psd / psb files

Color settings (not profiles), and in particular the options "Blend X using Gamma: [x]" should be embedded in any psd / psb file, and not just be part of a local machine's settings.

These settings have a severe impact on the look of the final image, so opening any PSD / PSB file it will look different depending on the configuration of PS, and by extension, the machine opening it. What's worse, if you don't know what blend settings were used in the creation of the PSD / PSB, the entire file and work that went into it may be worthless to you.

Example of why it's problematic:
In my case I've now had to export my color settigns to a file and send that along with any of the PSDs I've created in the past 6 Months, since I had a custom blending gamma active. I now went back to the standard setting, but every time I have to re-edit one of the older psbs, I have to switch to the previous setting and re-open the file. This comes at the risk of me forgetting to switch back to the standard color settings after, and creating the next project with the custom gamma setting active.

Bottom line:
While I am pretty sure that this is is by design, I think its a very bad design and should be fixed in future versions of PS. Frankly, I'm astonished that it's designed as is.
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