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Fri, Nov 6, 2020 9:25 PM


Help! I have a very frustrating issue with Photoshop 2020!

I've searched for solutions for this and I can't find anybody having the same issues, or even how to exactly describe it. It's only since the Adobe CC app upgraded me to Photoshop 2020. When I use the Quick Selection Tool on large images, the image breaks up in pieces. Please see screen shot #1, then look at Screen Shot #2, all I've done is select the face of the subject in the center with the Quick Selection Tool, and then a new "chunk" of the image appears! Sometimes the "chunk" is on the image, sometimes it  appears off the image on the left of the grey "pasteboard" and the image then goes partially off screen. "Undo" returns everything back to normal, so at least the image isn't wrecked. It's extremely frustrating, especially when I'm trying to work at home. PS never acted this way before the upgrade, and it looks like Adobe makes it impossible to downgrade to an earlier version. Any help from the Photoshop Community or Adobe would be greatly appreciated

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