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Fri, Dec 4, 2020 5:50 PM


HELP🤦🏼‍♀️How to setup a better work flow. NEW TO THIS!

Hey guys!

(so basically I’m new at using Photoshop never used Lightroom classic only Lightroom cloud-based on phone and desktop. )

looking for help as how to get a better workflow for product pictures for WEB.

I just opened up a boutique and I’m taking all my photos on Canon 90 D and Raw format and uploading them via SD card to my Mac from there I do as follows

  1. send all photos in raw to lightroom cloud based service. 
  2. crop and adjust lighting, use presets ect. 

Problem is when I export my pictures look like crap so I started using photoshop and have wayyy more control soooo then 

  1. I have to manually export one by one each photo into photoshop then export to my folder in documents. This is taking forever when I have 100+ different shots of products I need to condense  

 Can’t figure out how to get multiple photos into photoshop at once just for export... without using script and I want to physically see the kb and quality before exporting to make sure. 

then I like to be able to have that photo saved on my documents and in Lightroom Cloud for if I’m on the go and need to make edits post on IG / Facebook and not have the file be .TIFF 🙃 can’t find out how to change it to the newly created 50kb file..... please help me 😅 I want to pullout all my hair now

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