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Mon, Jul 5, 2021 4:20 PM


Image Import Pixel Scaling Behavior


Id like to request an option to import images so that the PIXEL Scaling can be easily set to 100%.

Currently photoshop gives you no choice but to import an image with the DPI scaling driving the image size which might be useful for print work but nowadays the software is mostly used for just pixel resolution driven images.

As an example if i want to import an image that is 500x500 it should be by default occupying 500x500 pixels on the target file. I only found an option in "general" that says, "resize image during place" but id does not correct the behavior.

I now have to open the image in another tab and then import that layer while pressing Shift, and only then i have a 100% pixel placed image in my file.

Can we have a feature so that when we import an image from bridge or explorer if we press shift the image places itself at 100% 1:1 pixel scaling right away? or even better a way of seeing the scaling % as pixel sizes not DPI for transforms and smart objects?

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